Kelsey Productions

A Full Service Television Production, Consulting and Engineering Company.

  • Service's
  • Kelsey Productions provides these service's:

    Consulting. Design, & Engineering

    Designing and Installation of Remote and Post Facilities

    Event Production
    Corporate Production
    Sports Production
    Entertainment Production
    Trade Show Event's

    PreProduction/Logistic's, Design, Engineering, Construction, Crewing, Wire Installation, and Power.

    Digital Video Media
    Digital Video Streaming
    Encoding & VOD's
    Fiber Networking & Installation.

    RF Telecommunications Uplinking/Downlinking
    Worldwide Teleconference's

    Specialized Application's:

    Underwater Video
    Point-of-View video & audio;
    for racing, skiing, fishing, etc.

    Kelsey Productions
    1436 Dove Ln
    Sunnyvale, CA   94087-3438
    Ph: 408-733-3739

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